Yani B Collection was founded May 2014 by  self taught, award winning fashion designer Ayuna Williams aka Yani B. Her desire for fashion came long before that during college in the fall of 2006, when she began designing and sewing wardrobes for herself and close friends. Since the finding of Yani B Collection, the company has launch a variety of fall, summer, spring and winter designs, which are featured in Yani B Collection annual fashion show along with other high profile fashion shows and magazines. Yani B collection is best  known for their extravagant one of a kind gowns. These gowns have been seen on hundreds of girls from all over the world.

These gowns are customized to fit each unique body.

Yani B caters to women and men, weddings, baby showers, galas, etc.

Want something amazing, original and stands out? You've came to the right place

Cant wait to work with you!



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