Size chart


We provide a size chart to better assist customers with choosing their correct size. If you need help with choosing your correct size, please contact us.


All measurements on the sizing charts provided are in INCHES. **Do not assume that if you take a particular size in one brand of garment that you will take the exact same size in another brand.


We love our items to fit perfectly to your size. Feel free to click “Be Original” during checkout and put in your special requests.


              XS        S         M          L         XL         XXL


Size      0-2       4-6      8-10    12-14   16-18    20-22


Bust    30-33   34-36   34-37   36-40   38-43    44-45


Waist  23-25   25-28   27-29   30-32    33-36   37-42


Hips    33-36    37-39  40-43   43-46    47-51    51-55